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Relax and enjoy

the art of patchwork quilting and bring the beloved characters of Beatrix Potter to life square by square.

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Take time out to make your beautiful quilt

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Every issue comes with easy to follow step-by-step instructions for making
your quilt as well as interesting articles, beautiful projects and useful skills.

50 weekly issues


Get inspired with gorgeous
projects to make, display and gift.


Do I need to subscribe again?

If you already subscribe to the collection, you'll need to get in touch to let us know whether you want to continue your collection or not. You can get in touch with our customer service team by phone on 0345 155 6394 or use the form above, but please be sure to have your subscriber number to hand.

If I didn’t subscribe to the original quilt, can I subscribe now?

Yes! We wanted to make sure that we can welcome new subscribers to the collection. You can get in touch with our customer service team by phone on 0345 155 6394 or using the form below to opt-in and start your subscription now. In your first dispatch, you'll receive issues 88 and 91 to make sure you have everything you need.

How many issues will there be?

There will be 49 issues, meaning that your quilt will be completed between issues 91-139 (with the first square in issue 88!)

How big is the quilt?

Your new quilt will be 110 x 170cm when finished.

How much will the issues cost?

Each issue is £4.99.

Will there still be a premium?

The premium subscription will end with issue 90 and the completion of the original quilt. If you are a premium subscriber and you opt-in, your subscription will automatically be changed to a standard subscription. You will be charged £4.99 per issue from issue 92 onwards.

Can I still collect in the shops?

Yes! We won't be able to guarantee that you’ll receive every issue if you choose to collect in the shops, but the collection will still be available.

What if I don’t opt-in now, but want to opt-in later?

You'll still be able to do this! However, we do move the issue from which you can subscribe along to ensure that subscribers receive their copies as efficiently and quickly as possible, so you will need to purchase any issues you’re missing from our e-shop or via your local newsagent. Being a subscriber is the only way to guarantee that you’ll receive every issue in the collection, plus you’ll get them delivered straight to your door with free P&P!

Will there be any more subscription gifts?

No, there won’t be any more gifts in the collection.

Will the collection be weekly or fortnightly?

The collection will continue to be published weekly.

I am in Australia – can I opt-into the new quilt?

Yes! Please click here to view our Australian page and view the form to opt-in.